Corporate Coaching  

Utilizing the principles of coaching, my experience as a working stand-up comedian, and my training in improv comedy, I work with business clients to break down existing boundaries, identify and reprogram any limiting patterns, and create a more connected, jovial,  & soulful leadership team. 


Executive Coaching: One-on-one coaching for executives will give you the personalized attention you need to become a more effective communicator, a more integral manager, and a more intuitive leader. Learn to operate your company and your team from a place of infinite possibility and create specific, rapid, results. Can work with executives over a period of time, or with your company itself, coaching various executives on a rotating schedule. 

Coaching for Teams: Customized around your teams specific project or goal, group coaching facilitates rapid results, by helping with communication, follow through, accountability, team dynamics, etc. 

Monthly packages are available, contact me for more information about pricing and structure. 

Improv Workshops for Businesses

Is your company flexible? Adaptable?  Do you say yes to new business opportunities, to unchartered territory, to suggestions? Do you say yes to your clients? To each other?  To that crazy idea in your head? Improv comedy is an type of unscripted theatre where actors create on-the-spot performances based on an audience suggestion. The basic principal of improv is simple -- listen and respond with YES --and from there, anything is possible. 

The improv comedy techniques I teach in my corporate training sessions, break down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking and help individuals, teams and whole companies start to communicate and work together more effectively. Results Include... 



Organizational Creativity

Change Management

Heightened Group Think

Active Listening

Effective Communication

Conflict Resolution

“Out of the Box” Thinking

Presentation Skill

Infinite Possibility

Plus, it's FUN! Instilling fun is essential to a thriving work environment. Take a few hours, shrug off the stress, learn to relax and play. How you show up to improv is how you show up to the office. Gain access and insight to yourself, your team dynamics, and communication strengths and weaknesses, all while making each other laugh. 

My workshops range from 1-hour to multi-day intensives. All workshops are personalized and customized based on your corporation’s goals and objectives.

Please reach out to learn more about what’s possible for your team.


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