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This summary is an overview of the policies, procedures, and practices of your new coach, Sara Armour & Shining armour productions, llc.



Sessions are scheduled at a previously agreed upon time, day, and length. The coaching session is via telephone, or as mutually agreed in advance. Some limited times for brief and urgent between-session telephone consultations are provided, However, the time set aside for the session is the only specific time you are guaranteed your coach will be available.  


Please note that you are responsible for your health and well-being at all times during coaching as in every other area of life. If you have any questions with regard to your ability to participate in coaching, please consult your doctor or health professional prior to the start of your coaching.

Coaching is designed to provide access to power and freedom in your life. We do this through distinguishing the things that either stop you or are inconsistent with the results you are committed to producing. Coaching is not therapeutic in nature or design. Coaching is neither health care nor rehabilitation, nor is coaching anything medical in nature. Neither is coaching designed to be curative, healthful, or even remotely linked to your physical and mental well-being. It is simply a guided conversation with recommended actions. If you have health or well-being concerns, we recommend that you consult a health professional. If you have any questions about this, please consult with your health professional prior to the start of your coaching.  


Your coach has noted that the coaching session is generally weekly. From time to time, circumstances may require a session be re-scheduled by either the coach or the client. As availability is limited, advance notice of cancellations is required to reschedule. A session that is not cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours may not be rescheduled, based on availability.


Your coaching is kept in the strictest professional confidentially.  Of course, law does not protect the confidential communication between coach and client, as our staff is neither health care professionals not legal professionals. From time to time, your coach may request your permission to record a session or allow another coaching to participate in the session, for training purposes. These recordings or participation are not used for any purpose other than training and are kept confidential.

I will only have to suspend this confidentiality agreement in the following areas:

  • You report imminent suicidal or homicidal ideation
  • You report abuse or neglect of a child, dependent, or older adult
  • Your coach is ordered by court of law to do so
  • You report anything that causes concern for the health and safety of you or others


In addition, your coach may apply for a coaching credential that requires her to disclose client names and contact information as evidence of coaching experience. This disclosure is done with an international accrediting body that has the same ethics and confidentiality agreements. By signing below, you are giving your coach permission to provide this information solely for the purpose stated and to be contacted by the credentialing body for verification, if requested. This information is held in the strictest confidence and you are not required to reveal anything you do not wish regarding the content of your coaching.

In summary, you can count on your coach to uphold the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality.


The coaching concepts, materials, and information, are property of Shining Armour, LLC and Accomplishment Coaching and contain copyrighted material. You are asked to agree that you will not use or reuse our materials for any financial gain or otherwise distribute or re-market to any third parties. You are forbidden to reproduce the materials without the express written permission of Sara Armour.


You are not required to bring anything to coaching sessions. We recommend you bring paper and pen, along with your previous notes, your current Weekly Practice Areas notes, and anything you need that helps you to be comfortable and focused.

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WORK BETWEEN SESSIONS: There will be tasks assigned for you to complete between sessions. We refer to these assignments as “Weekly Practice Areas.” We recommend that you do complete them. You cannot expect the same results from your participation when the Weekly Practice Areas are not completed. We encourage you to participate fully in your coaching by completing the Weekly Practice Areas between sessions. *
PAYMENT AGREEMENT: Clients using a payment plan are automatically charged by credit card on either the 1st or the 15th of each contracted calendar month. If your payment is declined for any reason, we will contact you to request updated credit card information. Payments more than seven days past due will be charged a $20 late fee. Payments past 14 days past dude will be charged a $50 late fee. *
REFUND POLICY: Coaching is, by design, a confronting process. At times, a client may feel that s/he is unable or unwilling to move forward in a project, as fear or discomfort arises. While your coach(es) understand that this may be a normal part of the process, they are committed that you deliver results on your projects and not be stopped by your fears or concerns. Sara Armour cannot and does not offer refunds of any monies paid. Simply, the coaching relationship is a professional engagement. Once your fees are paid, the services are available. If you choose to leave the group at any time, you will be immediately charged the duration of the program’s full balance. *
CANCELLATION POLICY: There is a 24-hour re-schedule policy. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment will not be made-up or reimbursed. *
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