I am booking new private coaching clients for the spring!  What is private coaching?  It's working with me once a week to move your life forward -- FASTER.  Private coaching is perfect for you if you're feeling stuck or victimized by your current life circumstance, paralyzed with fear, going through a transition, committing to a long term creative project,  dying to perform,  expanding your spiritual practice, ready to re-vamp your love life, attract your dream tribe OR all of the above!  

Sign Up below or contact now to set up a complementary 20-minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you! 

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50-minute private sessions with Sara Armour to grow your life in 2017 & make your creative dreams real.
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Shining Armour LLC will charge your card immediately to cover the first month of services (or the flat fee if selected). And then not again until the second pay period. If you are doing monthly payments, you may select either monthly
WORK BETWEEN SESSIONS: There will be tasks assigned for you to complete between sessions. We refer to these assignments as “Weekly Practice Areas.” We recommend that you do complete them. You cannot expect the same results from your participation when the Weekly Practice Areas are not completed. We encourage you to participate fully in your coaching by completing the Weekly Practice Areas between sessions. *
PAYMENT AGREEMENT: Clients using a payment plan are automatically charged by credit card on either the 1st or the 15th of each contracted calendar month. If your payment is declined for any reason, we will contact you to request updated credit card information. Payments more than seven days past due will be charged a $20 late fee. Payments past 14 days past dude will be charged a $50 late fee. *
REFUND POLICY: Coaching is, by design, a confronting process. At times, a client may feel that s/he is unable or unwilling to move forward in a project, as fear or discomfort arises. While your coach(es) understand that this may be a normal part of the process, they are committed that you deliver results on your projects and not be stopped by your fears or concerns. Sara Armour cannot and does not offer refunds of any monies paid. Simply, the coaching relationship is a professional engagement. Once your fees are paid, the services are available. If you choose to leave the group at any time, you will be immediately charged the duration of the program’s full balance. *
CANCELLATION POLICY: There is a 24-hour re-schedule policy. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours of the appointment will not be made-up or reimbursed. Session will also be cancelled automatically if the client is more than 15 minutes late. *
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Thank you so much for purchase ! Let's crush it in 2017!