I Graduated Boston University with a degree in Film & Television. I've been a PA, Script Supervisor, Script Writer, Creative Consultant, Development Executive, Marketing Director, Producer of Live Shows, Producer of Digital Video Content. Let's tell stories & make cool shit. Happy to join you anywhere in your production process and give you what I can. Have an idea or oppurtunity? Let's jam. I have great taste and the most talented friends.

xo, Sara

The Moonual

An Outer Space For Your Inner Space! 

  • Live! Monthly Full Moon Comedy Ritual at Caroline's on Broadway
  • Virtual Bi-Monthly Groop Moonifesting Mastermind 
  • Online Community
  • Coming Soon: A Course In Moonuals, Daily Digital Content 


Written by Shining Armour & released strategically on April Fool's Day, this city-wide prank was meant to bring awareness to pedestrian safety and it worked! In less than 24-hours there were over 16,000 hits on the mayor's website (more hits than the website received in the previous 6 months total). "Philly E-Lane" earned broadcast coverage from NPR, NBC, ABC, and CBS's Morning Show, plus print coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, and San Fransisco Chronicle.  It was produced with MRBFilms

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  • Currently in Development:  Coach Cab
  • Currently in Development:  Untiled CULT project
  • Currently in Development: A Course in Moonuals