3/10 - where to begin, working with what you've got/currently are & money mindset


Bill, Bunny, Cara 

Bill figures out where to begin working with his fighter pilot script, Cara stops struggling and starts embracing the process of being an actor in NY (which means working in catering and milking the good, while the acting seed she planted grows), Bunny works on self-love, accepting her authentic strong feminine voice,  and has been asked to find 5 people online who she feels are presenting themselves authentically, so that she can create a really clear presentation of her brand. PLUS a money exercise at the end. The full money worksheet is below if you want to dig even deeper... (do it!!) 

Money Consciousness Worksheet

1. My current financial situation that I wish to change is . . .

2. My emotions around this situation, right now, are:

 3. I love myself for having these feelings. My feelings are perfect feedback. My feelings are an indication of how much meaning I am attaching to money. How open are you to a shift? 

Willing? Unwilling? Skeptical? Open? 

4. I am noticing that I am giving power to money that it doesn’t have by attaching to it the following restrictive thoughts, beliefs or assumptions about money, both in general and arising from the current situation. These are:

5. I am willing to forgive those who modelled or taught me these negative associations around money and resolve to do a 3-Letter series exercise on the following people,before our next call, in order to transform this energy: 





6. I am willing to see that I have lovingly created this money issue for myself as an opportunity to learn and grow and I am willing to create the following break throughs: 

7. I now realize that money is neutral, has no power of its own, and no inherent value. It is just energy, so I now release my need to be right about the meanings I had attached to money, as noted above, and since there is no shortage of it, I open myself to allowing money to flow easily in my life now by doing the following... 

8. I now realize that I was withholding love from myself and others by imagining that money was or is... 

and I now affirm my strong belief that the Universe is a place of total abundance, and that there is no shortage of anything.

 9. I now see myself as being in a heightened state of openness to receive money and to have this issue resolved in the most perfect way for all concerned. I express this shift by doing the following... 

10. I now realize that I am someone who can generate into my life everything that I need. I now declare I am in the process of creating the following:  

11. I am now ready and willing to reframe the situation outlined in Question #1 in terms of the perspective of self-love & forgiveness and greater spiritual paradigm that agrees that everything is Divine order. Attempt a reframe in your own words -- “I now recognize that . . .

12. I now turn this over to my own Spiritual Intelligence and surrender to the infinate universe in the knowledge and comfort that all is well, and that what I saw as a problem was purely a misperception on my part. I have already resolved it by recognizing that I am abundantly supplied at all times. Any idea of shortage or lack that I was holding onto, I recognize now, has no validity or power whatsoever, and I give it none. To demonstrate my commitment to divine surrender I regularly am... 

13. I now realize that money was not the issue. I have no issues around money. Whatever the real issue was, I have handed it over to the Divine and have an unshakeable trust that as long as I do my part, the Universe will always have my back. I am committed to doing, "my part" which means... 


Thank you. And So It Is!






This worksheet is a modified version of The Radical Empowerment Program by Colin Tipping, Published by Global 13 Publications, Inc. © Colin Tipping, 2006